Timeless Love! Funmi & Paul Vintage-Inspired Pre-Wedding Photoshoot | News by LaThug

Today we have Funmi and Paul’s pre-wedding shoot by Ripplespixels.
RipplePixel took amazing shots in his studio located at a quiet estate in Gbagada Lagos – They look so timeless in this shoot – just like their love.
Bride-to-be: Funmi
Groom-to-be: Paul
How they met
From the groom:
Our love story started well before either of us was actually born. This is a love that was set in stone from the beginning of time.
From the moment she moved into our neighborhood at age 16, I felt those goosebumps- the kind of feeling you have when you know deep down in your bones that someone was going to play a major part in your life. I was the guy who recognized that love but never jumped.
We got off to a pretty sketchy start because we never talked. I felt she was just cool with people she wanted to be friends with. Maybe I didn’t fit into that at the time or maybe I never had the balls to walk up to her to say “hi”. She left for the university and I never saw her again. I always had this nudge that she would come back to me. It’s a crazy feeling but I knew the world is full of magic, you just have to believe in it.
Years went by, and just like a little boy waiting his entire life for a comet to come back to him, I waited for her. Many couldn’t understand what I felt but I knew someday I’d see her again and my world would be made whole again.
Fast forward to 2019, I saw her again after 12 years, we were both on our way to VI. This time I wasn’t going to pass this up without saying hi to her. At least I wasn’t that fraidy little boy from 13 years ago 😀. While we were talking, she mentioned that she worked on the island.  My heart ached- in a good way. Finally!! I live on the island too and there is no way I won’t see her again. I decided not to collect her number that day knowing fully well I was going to see her someday soon.
Then on this faithful day to resume at my new workplace in VI, I walked in and as I surveyed the office space, I noticed her standing tall, commanding the room, looking gorgeous talking to her colleagues. As any man with sense knows, it is extremely dangerous to try to approach a group of women, especially when you are not sure the lady you are after is single.
So I waited until I saw her at her desk and told her what I felt and still feel for her since I laid my eyes on her. It took some time but I won her heart. We went on a couple of dates and finally on the 31st of December 2019, we started dating officially.
And the rest they say is history …

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